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Friday. - Ophelia Muffet.

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January 12th, 2008

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03:40 am - Friday.
We got a letter about a week ago inviting us to a conference dinner at a local hotel. It was for a internet business marketing/research/website company. We went because we got a free lunch and each of us got business planners. We also learned that we don't want to use that company for our internet business stuff. Some of their stuff sounded ok, but most didn't. We found out a few interesting points about having a internet business.
It was kinda funny, because we were joking around that they would probably have a table set up with a loaf of bread and some bologna for the lunch. They served ham sandwiches! I got to laughing, it was so funny! The bread on the sandwiches was good. Not sure what kind it was though.

After we left there we went to some antique stores. We found a cabinet we liked, but we don't have anywhere to put something that big.
We went in one store that is a boutique/antique store. They have the coolest soaps ever. Here is a link to a website that has them.
They are very neat looking soaps.

We went in Lowe's for a few minutes. We like looking at home repair/building stuff.

We went over to Dagon's parent's house and watched a cooking show and Monk. When we got home Dagon made us homemade cheese, onions, peppers, and chicken quasadillas. They were so yummy!
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